The Alligator Chorus [Wild View]

Did you know that alligators sometimes bellow together to create their own little chorus? In a 1919 article from a WCS published magazine, there is a story about the Bronx Zoo alligators singing along to the whistles of ships returning to New York from World War I. Here we have the article as well as a photo of the largest alligator at the Zoo at the time. For more, read the blog post at Wild View.

International Women’s Day [Instagram]

It’s International Women’s Day! We’re joining the Biodiversity Heritage Library in celebrating women in natural history by featuring the work of artist Else Bostelmann.

Else Bostelmann. Saber-toothed viper fish (Chauliodus sloanei) chasing ocean sunfish (Mola mola) larva, Bermuda, 1934. Scanned from WCS Archives Collection 1039.
Else Bostelmann. Monacanthus ciliatus, Bermuda, 1930. Scanned from WCS Archives Collection 1039.

From 1929 to 1934, Bostelmann served as a member of WCS’s Department of Tropical Research staff.  Using her artist’s skills, she brought to life the incredible marine creatures the DTR explored in the deep seas around Bermuda.  Some of her work was featured in National Geographic, making visible for the first time these never-before-seen species.

Else Bostelmann at work in Bermuda, June 1931. Scanned from WCS Photo Collection (DTR)

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Migratory Bird Conservation Act 90th Anniversary [Instagram]

This week 90 years ago, the Migratory Bird Conservation Act, otherwise known as the Norbeck-Andresen Sanctuary Bill, was passed. Bronx Zoo Director William Hornaday campaigned for nearly a decade for the bill, which laid the foundation for the creation of protected areas for birds. Here we have a 1928 letter from Hornaday to Norbeck as well as an article he wrote about the bill, both showing his characteristic passion for wildlife conservation.

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Manta Ray and the Arcturus [Instagram]

Manta ray fins emerge from the ocean with Arcturus in the background. The Department of Tropical Research went on the Arcturus Expedition to investigate the Sargasso Sea, Humboldt Current, and the Hudson Canyon in 1925.

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New York Aquarium 122nd Anniversary [Instagram]

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We’re celebrating the 122nd anniversary of the New York Aquarium! In December 1896 the Aquarium opened in Castle Clinton at Battery Park, and WCS took over its management from the city in 1902. After being closed in 1941 and temporarily relocated to the Lion House at the Bronx Zoo, the Aquarium reopened at Coney Island in 1957. This postcard depicts the Aquarium and its surrounding area at Battery Park circa 1931.

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