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Leaps and Bounds

Snoopy the coati with Education staff member, 1956. Sam Dunton © WCS

Snoopy the coati with Education staff member, 1956. Sam Dunton © WCS

The WCS Archives is very pleased to be contributing to WCS new photo blog, Wild View.  For more on this image (one of my favorites from the collection!), and for more amazing historical and current images from WCS, check it out!

In Memoriam, John McKew

William Conway_0000_John McKewWe in the WCS Archives were saddened to learn of the passing of John McKew, early Monday, May 19.  John, who was 81, worked for WCS for over 30 years and had a profound impact in shaping many parts of the organization. Senior Conservationist and former WCS President William Conway has written a note in tribute, which he has allowed us to post here.  

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Scrapbooks and Spies

Letter from Lawrence Macrae to Hornaday, Dec. 20, 1906. Hornaday Wildlife Scrapbook Collection, Vol. 1. WCS Archives Collection 1007.

One never knows what oddities or treasures may turn up when undertaking a cataloging project. Given the variety of ephemera collected in scrapbooks, the possibility for unknown treasures is especially exciting. This was certainly the case while creating descriptive metadata for the first scrapbook from William T. Hornaday’s scrapbook collection on the history of wildlife protection and extermination. An innocent attempt to locate the identity of a correspondent led to a scandalous discovery! (Okay, perhaps not that scandalous–but certainly interesting enough to share.)   Continue reading