Archives Ladies Who Lead: Constance Carter [Instagram]

For this month’s Archives Hashtag Party theme of “Archives Ladies Who Lead” in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re celebrating Constance Carter. Immediately following her graduation from Smith College, Connie traveled to Trinidad in 1960 to work as a member of WCS’s Department of Tropical Research, conducting ecological research. Shown here is Connie at work with caterpillars in the DTR’s Simla lab. Connie went on to become Head of the Science Reference Section for the Library of Congress. Even post-retirement, Connie has been a force, continuing to lead the way through information for scientists, historians, and other researchers.

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4 thoughts on “Archives Ladies Who Lead: Constance Carter [Instagram]

  1. Steve Johnson

    Neat post! Another former NYZS employee worthy of note is Michelle Perrault. She worked in the Education Department and was featured in at least one of the animal movies produced for educational use and annual meetings. She later became vice-president and president of the Sierra Club. Darned if I can remember the name of the movie in which she walked around the zoo, accompanying an animal … if my fallible memory is correct. Michelle Perrault certainly worked in the Education Department and definitely was an officer of the Sierra Club,
    She was mentioned in Animal Kingdom, back in the fifties I think, no longer have easy access to indexes to same.

    Steve Johnson
    Anchorage, Alaska

    1. wcsarchivesadmin Post author

      Thanks, Steve! Yes, we definitely have some great photos of Michelle Perrault. I didn’t know about her later history. Very cool!


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